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JP’s Petting Zoo and Mini Golf

Prepared by Joshua Lawyer
JP Magruder Enterprises LLC

Mission Statement:
Come play with your kids!

Preserve our farmland.  Serve our families.

We are founded on faith in God and dedication to the liberty and freedom which He has given to this country. We want to be able to help and uplift thousands, if not millions, of people, no matter who they are.

Interested in supporting Valor Ranch and

JP's Animal Adventures will be a place for parents to bring their children for safe and educational interactions with animals and other activities such as miniature golf. For schools and day care centers it will be a venue for science, exploration and fun.

Location will be in the Kansas City area near freeway access, if possible.

In the long-term, I hope to create well-paying jobs for the people of the community and secondary food sources for people in need.

Business Industry
Family Entertainment

Service and Product
Family Entertainment
Animal Interaction

Seeking Financing
1 million (Estimated goal)

Target Market:
Local families with young children, 4 H students, Biology and Zoology students, Early Childhood organizations.

Decision factors for target customers: Location, accessibility, closed on Sunday so we can go to church, price affordability, entertainment appeal

Market Trends:
Families seek out entertainment establishments for their children such as trampoline parks, arcades, prize-incentive games, playgrounds and petting zoos. The growing trend is that farms close and are sold for residential and commercial real estate.

Marketing Techniques:
Billboards near the local freeway exits.
Website with paid online traffic.
Local community advertising.
Reach out to the schools, daycares and community centers.
YouTube channel with daily video updates.

Setup and Activities
Animals: goats, chickens, rabbits, sheep, donkeys, horses, cows, turkeys, dogs, cats
Open year-round
Animal enclosures separate animals with places to sit and visit with animals.
Areas to brush animals
Reading area where children can read to animals needing socialization.  Such practices show ease of rehoming.
Shelter Overflow: A good place for orphaned animals
Adoption Events: Display adoptable pets from local animal shelters.
Slides, slides and more slides. Also playgrounds with swings, seesaws and ziplines.
Large building for rainy and cold weather visits.
Subterranean habitations to save on heating utilities
Miniature Golf--Indoor with adjoining covered area outside. Open year-round. Miniature golf will be constructed as a map of the local area with each hole representing a city and/or point of interest. Decorations reflecting the landscape: buildings, wildlife, rivers, lakes, hills, etc.

Liability Waivers required for all participants including children 2 and under.

Entry Fees
Entry fees include Petting Zoo, Miniature Golf

2 and under - Free if you purchase an adult admission.
$TBD per Child admission 3-8
$TBD per 9 and older admission


Cross E Ranch, Salt Lake City
Aunt B’s Barn
Hee Haw Farms
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